Greater Baltimore Open Air

Using citizen science, IoT, & open hardware to measure air quality in Baltimore.

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About Baltimore Open Air

We’ve built 250 weather and air quality stations for the Baltimore area. The stations measure temperature, relative humidity, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide- we call them WeatherCubes. They are stationed throughout the Baltimore area and send information in near-real time.


The Box

The boxes were designed by Dr. Yan Azdoud and Chris Kelly and built by Baltimoreans, with help from the non-profit and Baltimore Open Air Partner, CivicWorks.

The Data

Our WeatherCubes meausure temperature, humidity, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide, using calibrated sensors. They post their results to the web once per day via wifi.

Project Press

WeatherCubes and Baltimore Open Air have been featured in Baltimore Sun, JHU's The Hub, Baltimore Fish Bowl, and


What's Next?

Soon, individuals and families can use the WeatherCube's data to make informed decisions about pollutant exposures and their health.

Let's Get In Touch!

Questions? Interested in hosting a monitor in your community? That's great! Send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!